Sunday, March 2, 2008

Spring Cleaning...Beating The Rush!

There are so many little bits of fiber floating around here, needing to find a home. I've decided to get these bits together to create one of a kind spinning felting batts. I've got most of them listed on Etsy. Some of them are stunning, some a bit more silly. I think folks will have fun with them. I hope they will, I had fun making them. I tend to "gather" fibers form my travels. Sometimes I have great plans for them, but by the time I get to them, the plans have changed, or I've used some of it in another project. This is a way for me to clean up around here and still provide a quality product for others.

Since I've damaged my shoulders, spinning has become a great challenge for me. I would spin these up myself to make some great sock yarn. Yearn to make yarn :(( again! Moreover, I long to felt, but that is out of the question too. I try to not do too much, but that is so not easy for me! If I am not busy, I am sleeping.

Dyed up about 2100 yards of sock yarn this week for my buddy Jan. She got it and loved it. I so glad. Sometimes I am concerned that though I might like something, doesn't mean someone else will. She gave me creative liberties, I was still concerned. She said she loved it, so we are both delighted! YEAH! Wish I had taken some photos of it! What was I thinking????????

During this "down time" I am am preparing for the upcoming Fiber art events. One in particular is the Midwest Felting Symposium. If you have opportunity to make it there, it is a DON"T MISS! It is Wen-Sun INTENSE felting with incredible artist, technicians, vendors, food, classes, and gallery. If I could only do one show a year, this would be the one. It is out of my ability to describe. I love it. The energy, talent, fun....WOW!!!!!!!!!!! The website for more details is: I think that the information on classes and instructors should be up in the next few days. The classes will fill and close soon, so if you are remotely interested, monitor the sight. You can also contact Susan is hosting the event.

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