Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Flatbed felter and prefelts

While teaching at Morning Star Fiber Mill awhile back, I had the opportunity to see their flatbed felter in action. Pretty cool thing. Karen and JC ( mother and son team) work in tandem to get things done around the mill. After the classes, JC and I designed this banner. It is made of merino and hand dyed merino with the lettering made of lopi yarn JC made it up on the flatbed felter. It could be hardened more, and will be if I get my shoulders back. However, if it has to stay this way for a bit longer, I am still quite pleased with the results. It measures approximately 4x3 feet.

Morning Star Fiber also produces some nice prefelts. The prices are very reasonable. I'd like to purchase a prefelt from them, then design a garment from it and finish the felt myself. JC and I are still not sure on the thinness that can be achieved on the flatbed felters. I think the recommendations on the manufacturers instructions are for one pound per felt. I'd personally like to try to make them thinner, but it's not my machine to ruin should I be wrong. YIKES!

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