Thursday, March 20, 2008

Vernal Equinox,... or The Season of Mud and Orange Cones

The moon was wonderful last night, nearly full when I went to sleep. I think the moon is wonderful all the time, but the clarity of it in this Michigan sky was especially nice. The sunset and moonrise were wonderfully in sync as Jim and I left the restaurant last night. Maybe it was because I was having dinner, alone, with Jim, maybe it was the clearness of the sky, perhaps it was looking at the last "winter moon", but no matter why, it was worth writing about! While I appreciate all of the season in Michigan, the moderate Spring and Autumn are dearest to me.

Here in Michigan, Spring brings with it return of many birds, many ducks, geese, humming birds,and the much loved song birds. It also brings a great season of mud and the Orange Cones. The state becomes covered in Orange Cones as the road repair time begins in earnest. If you come to visit here, be forewarned!

I've been dyeing a lot, getting ready for the Spinning Retreat and Greencastle. I love this colorway because the color split in the dye pot. I first saw this effect in some roving that I'd purchased from Ruth Walker at Midwest Felting Symposium. I was fascinated by that. Now I seek it. I wish I had the time to spin this fiber. I am using it it a felt, but I think a yarn would be pretty as well. While not the "springiest" photo one could post, there is snow, dirt, green and a bit of blue in the roving... Yeah, that pretty much captures it from my vista.

Happy Spring

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Hi Suzanne,
I have some of your products
I was happy when you mentioned about the blog on the Felter's list...I never met many felters around here... Beautiful blog...I will come around again...