Wednesday, March 25, 2009

framed felt piece

I've been going through some of my old files and found some older photos of some of my previous works and plays. This is one that is a particular favorite of mine, it is named Flowers for Algernon Revisited. The piece is a combination of merino wool, hand dyed silk, a cut up silk tie and mawata. It sold to an area hospital shortly after it was completed. I had forgotten that I had a photo of it, though not a very good photo, still it is one for remembering Algernon.

I do want to mention that in framing this felt, we used two mats and then spacers to keep the glass off of the felt and allow breathing room for the felt. I've framed several pieces and had one piece that ended up "sweating" on the single mat. It had to be complete re-matted and the cost is a good bit. It was a costly lesson, but perhaps it will prevent others from going through the experience. Wool needs to breathe.

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