Monday, March 30, 2009

Merino and Silk Felt Wrap

I feel like I am running a slight fever and fight off the flu. I like to make at least one piece of felt each day, with one day of complete rest per week. This is the days work. It is a white chiffon farbic enveloped in merino silk, with sparkle yarns on the surface. I can imagine this being worn in any weather. The ripples in this turned out quite nice, and my shoulders are painful to the touch from all of the rolling. I may need two days of rest after a day like this.

I did use cold water to start the process, as I was confident that hot water would make it felt too fast and not work through the fabric. My whole family loved this piece. I too am rather fond of it. This might not go on the road with me, but stay in my closet. That doesn't happen often, but it could with this.

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