Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Fused Glass Inspiration in felt

Last year at the Michigan Fiber Festival, a woman gave to me a choice of one o f her buttons in glass. The one I chose has a mustard-citrine dominate color with gold and red-orange fire in it along with flecks of black and chartreuse. I've wanted to use this button for some time in one of my felt hats, and this is where it ended up. I hope the hat does the button justice. It really is a lovely piece of glass!
The Midwest Felting Symposium site is up and running! The choices this year are wonderful and I can hardly wait to be there. It is the best 5 days of my felting year, without question. If you have any question about attending, the answer is a strong, happy "YES!". The people, the classes, the setting, the fibers, the laughter, the gallery, the talent and knowledge all make it well worth ones time, effort and money to be there. If in doubt, check out the site:
I might also mention that this hat was made using the technique I learned from Bonnie Ahrens at Symposium 2 years ago. LOVE IT! She is a delight!
I've been dreaming in felt a lot lately and rather enjoy it in the design aspect of it, but I also find myself rolling in my sleep as well and I am awaking with arms that are already tired! Not so good, in my opinion. However, I am keep a small notebook bedside so that I can write the ideas in the book for reminders when I really wake for the day. I'm finding it helpful.
I'll be teaching for the next few weekends and am trying to get stuff done, as well as get a bit rested for these events. I am looking forward to both.
I hope your day ROCKS!...and that you have the chance to make good felt!


Glorious Hats said...

Both hat and button are beautiful. Together they become awesome. Lovely work.

Hooked On Felt said...

A beautiful blond woman bought this hat as well as another from me in Kirkland Ohio. The hats wear completely different in style, but both looked stunning on her. She is a collector of hats and it is easy to see why when you see a hat on her head. She wears them well!