Friday, March 27, 2009

Sculpted Wool Felt Hat

On the table, the fibers looked great together, but after the felting process, I thought not so good after all. I pulled the colors of navy blue, purple and a mustard yellow together, thinking that the high contrast in colors might have a very nice effect. It rather looked awkward and forced, and I could not imagine it on anyone. The dye pot to the rescue!

I took the hat and pulled it as long as I could, then twisted it like I was intending to twist out a washcloth, then tied it up on itself, and threw it into the dye pot, rich in two lovely colors of violet and black. The dark water color effect works for me far better than the original colorway. I think it is a bit more dramatic and interesting, but what do you think?


Ang said...

Love this hat! Do you have instructions for sale to make this style? I have your hat form.

Anne Russell said...

its very nice , I like it a lot .Looks warm too . I would like to have one of your hat forms .