Thursday, November 5, 2009

It's all about the Mannequins!

Just when you think that you might be making an interesting hat, or making good felt, you soon learn that it is about the mannequins! I get so many folks emailing or writing about how good the mannequins look. So without further adieu, let's give it up for the mannequins and share the details on them.
#1 I purchased them on Ebay
#2 The heads are movable so they can be positioned and pack up easily. Great for photos and booth display.
#3 I use the cheap wigs that can be found easily these day, post Halloween. I cut the hair and style it for my uses if necessary.
#4 I am looking for used natural hair wigs, so if you know of any, I'd be happy to learn about them.
Ok, let's hear it for the mannequins!
Off to make hats so I can show off my mannequins . (who knew it was about the mannequins?????)

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