Monday, November 30, 2009

No More Felt!

With the number of hats, scarves, and miscellaneous other stuff that I've completed over the past few months, it is good to say, "No more felt !" Now is the time to clean up, create order, pack the big van, make sure all of the labels and prices tags are in place, everything in order....well, most everything anyway. I'll be leaving Wednesday morning and will be away for two + weeks for a 10 day art show in Elkhart Lake Wisconsin. I'm packing a lot of warm clothing, as the show is in a large tent and I imagine I'll be near freezing for the entire 10 days. While I am passionate about winter, I prefer to look at it as opposed to be out in it.

Did I meet the goal of 200 hats? Sadly, no, I did not, but am going with 100, so the glass is half full!

The purple hat is the last of the one for the show. The other item shown here might be of some interest to those of you who felt using mohair with your wool. This is a dog grooming tool, by Wahl, battery operated so no messy cords to deal with. It is wonderful for "shaving" wool and mohair fibers. This one came from Tractor Supply Company and cost about $20.00 USD. Sometimes I do use mohair in the fiber blends for my hats and this little tool takes care of the "Fuzzies" very nicely. I've also used it on Icelandic wool which is a bit too fuzzy for my hats, but love it in bags. Simply yummy for bags. I've not tried the tool on sweaters, but for the felted hats, it's great.

I wanted to share some of the nuno/laminate scarves that I made, but just haven't the time.

Blessings to you all, stay warm and make great felt!
Shalom and Joy in your days, good rest in your nights,


Anonymous said...

Hi, I am new to felt, I wanted to know how can I color a felt hat, do you first make a hat and then color it? is there any reference can I can get help from on coloring?

Hooked On Felt said...

There are many ways to add color. You can dye the wool first, then make your item, you can purchase dyed wool, you can blend colored wool with natural colored wool or you can dye your items afterward. I sometimes use all of these in one item. There are many dyes out there to be used. If you are new to dyeing wool I might suggest Country Classics, as the mordant is already mixed withthe dyes and the colrs are very nice. Hope this is helpful.

author said...

that was really helpful thanks, I have been looking at all of your hats. I use dry method to do my hats, they look very rigid, yours are very silky and seem to be soft , Do you use silk and wool with wet method and then dye them? they seem to be also in different layers, do you sew layers together. sorry I'm asking too much, I'm just fascinated with your work..


Linda said...

Hello Suzanne,
It was sooooo nice to meet you and your beautiful works of art!!! I enjoyed trying on everyone of them! I hope the show goes well.I look forward to seeing you next weekend!!
Linda from Elkhart Lake
"Felt lover!!!:)"