Tuesday, November 24, 2009

New felting table!

For a long, long time I've wanted a much larger work area. I've fumbled between the dining room oval table, two 4x2 foot tables pushed together, or whatever other combination I could come up with to create a suitable area to felt on. This past Sunday, a 7x4 foot table was deliver to my home. I've put bed risers under the legs to give me the additional height that I need and it perfect! Not only is it perfect for felting, it will be perfect for our weekly dinner gatherings and the upcoming holidays. I am so thankful to have this table in my home. I've done some clothing items, but am looking to do more. This additional work space will greatly assist in that goal.

About these hats:
Green hat was made with flat resist and the shape was much like that of a socking cap with a very long tail on it. The silk on the surface is 5mm hand dyed cut into random shapes.. Shaping the hat after it was felted was a challenge all onto itself. Sometimes that additional fabric is hard to shape when it is wet. But ...I learned a few things in the process, so it was good. The 5mm silk takes a bit longer to settle into the wool, whereas silk gauze happily joins up.

The brown and white hat is a combination of blue faced Leicester and merino. The blue face felts a bit differently, but is wonderfully soft and firm.

The pink one is all merino. I was just doing some color play with the hot pinks and lime. I think it is kind of a sweet hat, very soft.

I leave in 8 more days so I've got to go make felt. Hope you get to do so as well.
God's Peace to you,

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