Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Listening to the the inner voice

I have a friend that learned to needle felt then wet felt them from me this past August. I am so proud of her works that I am posting them here for her. I helped a bit with the shaping and do-dads, but not much. Her name is Bernadette Keeler. I think it might be a name and talent we'll be hearing a lot more about. The best of students, IMO, come with no pre-conceived ideas, just the desire to learn. They don't want to copy someone else , or mimic some thing they saw someone else do. I am most amazed at their ability to listen to what happens inside of them, and to the creative spirit God has put in all of us.
Bernadette, take a bow! I am so proud of your work!

BTW, these are her first hats, so if you'd like to comment and give her encouragement, please do.


Hooked On Felt said...

My friend Martha sends this email:
suzanne, they are beautiful!!!! great job! give her my thumbs up!


Lori said...

Suzanne, Bernedette is one of the most amazing woman I know. She is talented in sooooooo many areas. It is a pleasure to know her and you as well.


Jake said...

I am so humbled !
One of those times when one could suppose that a person's head would get bigger than a hat form for an elephant...but instead mine shrinks up like a balloon which has lost it's air.
I am so honored to have Suzanne as a mentor and a friend. Had you seen these "attempts" at "fashion" before I dropped them off at her house before she shaped them so magnificently...let's just say...I never knew my head never fully recovered from the birthing process ! [grin]I find it amazing that "I" did this.
My sister's will confirm the fact that my idea of "fashion" has always been blue jeans, t-shirts and sweatshirts, with an occasional BRAND NEW flannel shirt. As I am never far removed from the fragrance of horses or well groomed dogs...this works very well for me.
Suzanne is a welcome "gift" to me. I give her an unpolished gem and with a God given talent, she touches it and brings forth the facets and glimmer that lays underneath.
Just like she does with me .

Bernadette said...

Jake let me use his name till I got my Google account set up.

Zach Lassiter said...

I really like the top right one. It looks really sweet.

Great Job Bernie!

Bernadette said...

No hats made today but I did "gift" one that was destined for the 'miscellaneous'..."purse" area.
A good friend ; Nancy, gave me a massage today as I accidentally was stepped on by a horse. IT WASN'T HER FAULT...I was laying in her forward path in the middle of a MI forest after an uncoordinated dismount which started because I blew my nose on a very relaxed (and unsuspecting) young gelding I have had the privilege of riding this past year. It happened a week ago and the magnificent hoof shaped bruise that was left on the back of my thigh has resisted healing 'softly'.
After Nancy used her gift of healing massage the area was/is much better and I was showing her the hats destined to become purses.
She took a strong liking to one of them and I am very pleased that I was able to 'gift' it to her.
I am sure she will play with it some and fashion it to her own head...I hope that somehow she can a post a picture of it and her so you can see it.
It has a smattering of purple in it and I was thrilled to hear it will compliment her winter coat.
I pray for each person who the hats are intended for as I believe My Father KNOWS whose crown they will embellish.
What a warm fuzzy to k-n-o-w a person who chooses one that i am able to give to. Nancy is a very deserving person of this gift and the prayers that went up for 'her' as I made it.
What a great feeling to know HE has me in His 'loop'.

Bernadette said...

The one on the upper left is very striking on the other side. I am very interested in making 'reversible' felt hats to give the one who ultimately 'owns' it an additional option.
I am more in to earth tones and am experimenting more with contrast and colors the 'pop' as my mentor says.
I have been seeking a certain color of yellow these past few days and may have located it today...now if I can just remember where I laid it where I wouldn't forget.......
Thank you all for your comments.
Bruises and scars are better than tattoos.
They have better stories.

Zach Lassiter said...


Perhaps with the stories your telling in the comments section you should start your own blog.


Linda said...

I am impressed. Bernadette has an amazing talent and is creative in many aspects. You go girl!