Monday, May 18, 2009

Alternative Housing, Felt Pod

Since I've been looking into alternative housing, I've come across so many delightful, and ingenious housing ideas. House pods, domes, small cabins, earth, and of course, my ever favorite, the yurt. But looking at all of these allowed me the opportunity to look at "small dwellings"....small pods of felt. I wonder, if I put it into the woods where I am working, if some small critter or winged one would choose to live it in for a time. I'll take it to a couple of shows and display it. It has been great fun to make. BTW, the locks, the really long locks are from Susan's Fiber Shop. She has super long locks Teeswater fleece available.
This pod measures 22 inches long for those who are asking.


martine frampton said...

This is so beautiful, any sparrow would be proud to call it home:-)
much love Martine

Hooked On Felt said...

I had many comments on the pod at the Wooster show. I did not have a price on it as I am unsure that I want to sell it. It is comforting to me somehow and I just like having it around the studio. Thanks so much for your comments. I much appreciate it.

Hooked On Felt said...

My friend Martha writes:
i love your pod!!! i can just see them hanging in the trees like christmas lights!!! what a delightful idea!!!
i am going to a spinning club meeting tonight. i am quite excited about it. i have some roving to take with me and i am sure it will turn out lumpy and bumpy the way i like it.
have a super day and take care,