Saturday, May 9, 2009

Long Road Home

Maryland Sheep and Wool Festival was a rain filled event. You've heard of "Death by Chocolate"? This was DEATH BY MUD! Packing and unpacking was a death defying event unto itself. The crowd was down by about 10,000 but spirits were high and people were buying! All of the merino silk I'd dyed sold and well over half of the locks. I sold a good many hats, though I've not counted for a grand total as of yet. Did have some felt cuffs stolen, three to be exact, and that always is upsetting. Gas prices were lower when we left then when we came home... :(. All and all though, a very good show and well worth the effort, the fatigue, and the weather.

This gal bought this hat. A passer by took the photos and then sent them my way. Her name is Miss Sally and is apparently a local weaver in the area where the show was in Maryland. She looks so darn cute in the hat. Looks like it was made for her. Her vessel is full of sparkle!

Again, I did not get to see the show. I did manage to get to see Mehmet and Theresa and the wonderful yurt they had up. There is a peaceful place.! No wonder people love to live in them. The quiet alone is simply wonderful. Once inside the yurt, you'd be completely unaware that a festival was going on around you. It really was wonderful to see it, to be in it and to see the absolutely wonderful felts they've created. It is good t see good felt. It is a goal for me that I think needs to be refreshed inside of me from time to time. Their felts are spectacular, soft and strong. I was able to purchase a felt skirt from Theresa that is a combination of nuno, felt and silk overlay. I'll try to get a photo up in the next few days. It's a wrap skirt and all hand dyed. Really wonderful.

Today, I am going to rest, try to balance my checkbook and then rest some more. It was great to be at a fiber event, and it is also very good to be home.

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Sycamore Moon Studios said...

I wish I could have been there! I was going to use my birthday money to fly out this year, but my kids' schedules were too packed.

Great hat picture!