Thursday, May 28, 2009

Pod Life Musings... Give Me Shelter

While I was working in the woods clearing away the underbrush, I was looking for natural pods, things of natural shelter and found these two lovely examples of pods. The first is a pod of flowers about to be and the second is from a tree, with both old and new pods on it. What a great find. Then my musings went on to the egg, a pod we are all familiar with, then on to our lives in pods. We start out as an egg, nice little pods we all are, then we grow in another pod of sorts, a warm womb, an expandable pod, then out into the world...a floating pod!
What is POD:
1. Botany
a. A dehiscent fruit of a leguminous plant such as the pea.
b. A dry, several-seeded, dehiscent fruit. Also called seedpod.
2. Zoology A protective covering that encases the eggs of some insects and fish.
3. A casing or housing forming part of a vehicle, as:
a. A streamlined external housing that encloses engines, machine guns, or fuel.
b. Aerospace A detachable compartment on a spacecraft for carrying personnel or instrumentation.
4. Something resembling a pod, as in compactness.
v. pod·ded, pod·ding, pods
1. To bear or produce pods.
2. To expand or swell like a pod.
To remove (seeds) from a pod.
Even our bodies are a kind of pod that our spirits travel in. I hope that you have a great pod and that your days in your pod are filled with joy in the journey.
Off to make felt!


Hooked On Felt said...

My dear friend Martha writes:
hi suzanne,
i love your pod musings. we are little pods ourselves. i have never thought of myself that way. but we are indeed floating through our lives in a little vessel.
what a whimsical picture this paints.

Sycamore Moon Studios said...

I am feeling decidedly poddish. Great blog topic.