Thursday, May 14, 2009

Crashing Thunder, Misty Morning

As much as possible, I go to the woods in the morning to clear away the underbrush, so that eventually, we'll be able to get the trees down that interfere with the wires that hold the tower in place for the radio station that we own and operate. This morning I went out to work on it for about an hour and a half. Each day I can see where I am making more and more progress, but it is slow. What I thought was going to take a few days will actually take the entire spring and summer to accomplish. The underbrush is thick, vine-filled, and soon, very soon, the mosquitoes will be out to greet me each morning! Today however, there was a chipmunk that fled my arrival and two Baltimore oriels that flew right over head and landed on a near by branch. The sun was right on them and they were breathtakingly beautiful! They stayed there for some time, but I didn't have the camera ready to get a good photo of them.

There were some wonderful storms that went through last night, BIG THUNDER and lots of rain. There is that sweet, earthy clean in the air and the birds in the woods were singing brightly this morning. I wish I could record the sounds that occur while I am there. It is a choir of happiness with all the different birds singing, and the woodpeckers tapping out a beat unto themselves. I could stay there all day....and if I had that lovely yurt, maybe even longer.

The photos that I am sharing with you today are from the land I am working on. The first two are of the river view from the high banks. The later two photos are of the underbrush and the start of a clearing. As much as I love making felt, and I do dearly love it, there is also a farm girl in me who would love to live here, milk a couple of goats, and live a very simple, uncluttered life. Fantasies are free. .. Dream on

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