Monday, May 11, 2009

Monday, Dyeing Silk, and Healings

Monday got here sooner than I anticipated, but it was good to see it. Spent a good deal of the weekend relaxing with my family. Called my Mom and made plans to get together soon. I love my mom. She is truly a wonderful person, very funny, and loves to hug too. I've missed her this winter while she's been in Fla. It will be so good to see her face when we finally get together, hopefully soon!

Today, I've made some felt, but mostly paid bills, and then dyed some silk. This is the silk scarf that I just dyed. I almost see a water color reflection of a tree line. Am I seeing things or does anyone else see it too?

Sometimes, what happens in the dye pot brings healing, personally this one does it for me.
Gods Peace to you all,

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